Your face is like a canvas. Start off with a daily cleansing, moisturizing, and SPF ritual.

1 • Apply mi first primer from the top to the bottom of
your lid. This will eliminate any discoloration in the lid area.

2 • Now apply mi & my shadow in (ANGEL)
from top to the bottom of your upper lid. You’re already
starting to shine!

3 • To apply the top liner, take your ring finger and
gently lift the skin from the brow bone up at a diagonal
outward. (This is to make sure you get to the lash line
without creating a space between the lashes and the liner.)

Now take your angle brush, dip it in
mi myself & eye liner gel in (BLACK GOLD).
Start at the inner corner and glide along the lash line.
If the line isn’t perfect, don’t worry, you can correct it by
going along the line again. Start thin at the inner top lid,
and then swoop up and graduate a little wider towards
the outer eye.

For the bottom lashes, gently pull the skin outward.
Start your line at the outer corner and work your way
in to create a thinner line toward the inner corner.
For an evening “Sultry Smoky” look, smudge the
upper lid and linner bottom. Smoken!!

If you want a little more accent, gently push back
your top lid and apply it directly under the base of
the lash line.

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