Most frequently asked questions about applying eyeliner by Women over 40
Q & A with kathrina miccio
Q. What are some of the challenges women over 40 face with eyeliner?

A. It sometimes can be a little tricky to get a nice smooth glide right along the lash line. If not applied correctly, it could result in a jagged line, a space between the lashes and the liner, or both!

Q. Why do these occur?

A. The skin loses elasticity and some excess skin can droop toward the lashes. Sun exposure, medications that lead to dryness, or bone structure can also contribute to the problem.

Q. What type of eyeliner does not work well for women over 40 (hard pencil, soft pencil, powder, gel, liquid, etc.)?

A. I like gel liners because they flow easily across the lid.

Q. Is there a product that works well for both day and evening?

A. I created a new product called mi myself and eye-liner gel in BLACK GOLD.   It is the perfect solution for both day and night. It’s waterproof and glides on easily.

Q. What other products do you need to achieve that perfect look?

A. My new complete eye make-up kit by 1• 2 • 3 • all eyes on mi includes all the essential products that you need.

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