p o r t f o l i o: f x & c o r r e c t i o n s
Kathrina Miccio designed the "look-alikes" for the 2014 Carson Daly New Year's Eve Show
Pre-recorded for 2014 New Year's Eve Show with Carson Daly and Jane Lynch
Pre-recorded for 2014 New Year's Eve Show with Carson Daly and Jane Lynch
Make-up Artist Kathrina Miccio & Dan Hollander
(from left to right) Josef Sabovcik, Kurt Browning, Shae Lynn Bourne, Dan Hollander, Nancy Kerrigan,
Make-up Artist Kathrina Miccio, Rory Flack-Burghart. Todd Eldredge, Galit Chait, and Steven Cousins.
Steven Cousins & Nancy Kerrigan - Two Time Olympic figure skating medallist as the good witch.
Dan Hollander, Two Time National Bronze Medallist, as Devil in a blue dress. I used a super strong adhesive so all the horns and bolts would stay on with the humidity of the ice.
Todd Eldredge World Champion, as Frankenstein. He was so patient with the make-up, and really got into, and stayed in character!
I’m so glad his bolts didn’t go flying with all the spins and jumps!
Galit Chait, Bronze Medallist, was so sweet, and made a great Bride of Franken-Todd!!
Josef Sabovcik Olympic Bronze Medallist, as a Zombie. He said "Make me look like the creature from Iron Maiden."
He loves his Heavy Metal !!! I kind of felt a little goolly after the show myself.
Shae-Lynne Bourne, World Silver and Bronze Medallist, was the purrrfectly sexy Black Cat. Meowww.
Real Port Wine Stain
Port Wine Stain Correction
Back Surgery Scar created to illustrate small size of scar for surgical purposes
Cut & Bruise created
Bald Cap Application
Clown Face for "World's Funniest Commercials" with Kevin Nealon & Fred Willard
Before and After - Full laid beard for xBox commercial.
Halloween card
Before and After - Dr. Phill Lookalike for "Wallmart" commercial.